Midlife Micropause With Katie Fogarty

Katie Fogarty A Certain Age Podcast

Today's Midlife Micropause features, Katie Fogarty, the dynamic host of  A Certain Age.  Katie is a guiding force in navigating the complexities of midlife. Her age-positive podcast delves into the transformative journey, urging listeners to embrace growth and change. Beyond the mic, Fogarty curates the AGE OUT LOUD (@letsageoutloudcommunity on Instagram, showcasing vibrant women rewriting the narrative on aging.


Clearly, Katie is deeply aligned with our purpose! In the spirit of flipping the script on midlife, Katie embodies the essence of reinvention and celebration. Much like her podcast and online community, Katie challenges the conventional perspectives of midlife and inspires others to view this stage as a canvas for newfound creativity and opportunity.


As the CEO of The Reboot Group, a communications consultancy, Katie orchestrates career and brand narratives. With a keen focus on telling compelling stories that transcend the boundaries of LinkedIn and echo beyond, Fogarty empowers clients and companies to embark on a journey of reinvention and resonance.


How do you Micropause


In midlife, establishing daily wellness rituals can contribute significantly to well-being. Can you share a personal daily ritual or self-care practice that has had a positive impact on your overall wellness during perimenopause or menopause?


I am a beauty and fitness magpie often distracted by the latest shiny object. Only two practices have stuck over the years and never fail to make me feel amazing, grounded, blissed out. I make it to Bikram yoga 2-3 times a week at a minimum and every day during weeks when I need to manage massive stress or when my hormonal roller coaster is in overdrive. I am not a naturally bendy, stretchy yogi, but Bikram gets the knots unstretched and calms my chattering mind.


I also start and end each day with gua sha using the Kari Gran Essential Serum. I discovered it after Kari was a guest on A Certain Age podcast and her skin is insanely gorgeous. Natural, organic, with 15 plant and essential oils—think yummy hydration and glow in a bottle.


Embracing Change


Midlife often brings significant changes. How have you embraced and navigated the transformations that came with perimenopause and menopause, and what valuable lessons have you learned along the way?


Menopause impacts every aspect of your life—your body, your brain, your mood, your mind. I was comically unprepared. Pop culture made me think menopause is all about hot flashes and the upside of finally wearing white jeans without worrying about tampons. Umm, wrong. My mood swings knocked me sideways. Dry vaj came roaring into town along with brain fog, sleep interruptions, a sense of dislocation.


It took launching my podcast and interviewing dozens of doctors, to make me realize I really needed a menopause support team, HRT, and of course midlife woman's two best friends – lube and vaginal estrogen. Women should not have to launch a podcast to get the information they need to navigate menopause and its 34+ symptoms. My biggest takeaway? Find yourself a medical support team who gets it. Start by visiting the North American Menopause Society for a certified menopause specialist, and the nonprofit Let’s Talk Menopause, whose board I now sit on, for menopause education and resources.


Breaking Stereotypes


Societal expectations around midlife, particularly for women, can be limiting. How have you broken free from stereotypes and societal norms, embracing your authentic self in the process?


I have been shouting my age all over the Internet since I launched my podcast in 2020. I am fifty-freaking-four and I’m happy to tell you that! One of the reasons I launched A Certain Age is to shift the dated notion that aging makes you irrelevant, that it’s something to fear, hide, or fight off tooth and nail. Aging is living. Creativity, imagination, drive, wisdom, sexiness, purpose do not have an expiration date. Pop-culture, societal norms still want to put people in age boxes.


I’ve been spotlighting the stories of amazing women ages 40, 50, 60+ on my podcast, but also on my Instagram account @letsageoutloud. Midlife awesomeness is a 24/7 situation. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. The needle is starting to shift. And I am here for it!