Midlife Micropause With Christine Morrison


In the bustling realm of modern media, Christine Morrison stands as a beacon of authenticity and insight. With a career spanning across esteemed publications like The Boston Globe and The Washington Post, Morrison's writing delves deep into the nuances of aging, fashion, beauty, and wellness. Her work doesn't just capture attention; it sparks contemplation and conversation.


From thought-provoking pieces in print to influential campaigns for fashion and beauty brands, Morrison's voice resonates with audiences seeking both substance and style. She was recently featured in an anthology, and is currently writing a fashion essay collection reflecting on the meaning behind—and the humor in—what she wore while forming her identity, navigating her way to true love and discovering her authentic self. Through her SubstackInstagram, and website, Morrison invites readers to join her on this introspective journey, where every garment tells a tale worth sharing.


How do you Micropause?


In midlife, establishing daily wellness rituals can contribute significantly to well-being. Can you share a personal daily ritual or self-care practice that has had a positive impact on your overall wellness during perimenopause or menopause?


Staying very active is paramount to my well-being, for both physical and mental health benefits. As I am in my tenth year of Crossfit, I am grateful for significant strength training prior to the decline in bone density that occurs in menopause. I recently joined a tennis team to get outside more often — which has proven to have positive impact on our stress, cognition (less brain fog!) and creativity — and to enjoy a social sport that provides a new challenge. While not a daily ritual, the Higher Dose sauna blanket 2-3x/week brings me peace and enhances workout recovery as it releases toxins and relaxes muscles (not to mention the glowing skin!). This infrared wonder also leads to quality sleep — which is far too often disturbed during menopause.


Rediscovering Passion


Many people find a renewed sense of passion and purpose in midlife. Can you share a specific experience where you rediscovered a passion or pursued a new interest during this stage of life?


Having gotten married and delivered twins at age 40, I headed into midlife with new perspective and purpose. I simultaneously pivoted from a fashion career to freelance writing to accommodate my new roles as wife and mother. When this shift began fifteen years ago, I used the opportunity to take writing — a lifetime passion that led me to Journalism school and continued adult classes at NYU and Parsons — to heights I had been dreaming of for decades. While I experience a lot of rejection, given the confidence that accompanies this stage of life, I don’t let it keep me from taking risks, writing about vulnerable topics or pitching ambitious outlets for publication. My greatest pursuit has been the fashion essay collection I am pitching to book agents; these stories of love, loss, working in fashion and finding my authentic self — all told through what I wore — are an entertaining nostalgic romp through fashion but an important reminder that we can be anything we dream. At any age.


Wisdom In Challenges


Life inevitably presents challenges, especially during midlife. Can you share a challenging experience you faced and the wisdom or strength you gained from overcoming it, particularly in the context of perimenopause or menopause?


I suffered a knee injury, and underwent surgery, in 2021 — which impacted my mobility and my sanity, given my active lifestyle. During this downtime, I was in the throes of menopausal symptoms from hot flashes and weight gain to insomnia and mood swings. Unable to lean on my go-to solution for wellness, I had to learn how to adapt and build up confidence outside of fitness.


I found a nutritionist whose program was about a better lifestyle (rather than a diet) and offered relief of menopausal symptoms. I also leaned heavily on my functional doctor — the renowned Dr. Taz — for supplements and guidance. I also re-examined my lifelong bout with perfectionism. With the help of experts and by giving myself more grace, I found an inner strength and greater confidence during a very challenging time. I am proud to say I returned to Crossfit, with modifications, and have never looked back.


Breaking Stereotypes


Societal expectations around midlife, particularly for women, can be limiting. How have you broken free from stereotypes and societal norms, embracing your authentic self in the process?


As the average age of a debut author is 36, I know I am breaking the mold by seeking to publish my first book now. I find that by ignoring the norms, and leading with my intuition and creativity, age does not limit me nor play a role in determining my endeavors. It also helps to look up to dynamic women in the previous generation who have shown us the way.


Legacy and Impact



As we progress through midlife, thoughts about legacy and the impact we want to leave become more pronounced. How have your aspirations and priorities shifted during this stage, and what mark do you hope to leave on the world?


While I have always loved writing and am thrilled that my pivot to freelance leveraged my fashion and beauty background, I don’t take these topics (nor wellness, my other focus area) lightly. I oft explore these subjects through the lens of aging to help guide women seeking truths and needing guidance — with the greater goal, and my legacy, being to help change the narrative around aging.