Resolutions Are For Rookies

Resolutions Are For Rookies

At Micropause, we're all about breaking free from the clichés and diving headfirst into a midlife mindset revolution. This isn't about reinventing yourself; it's about shedding old skin, clearing out limiting beliefs, and embracing a bold new perspective on life.


Rethinking Resolutions: Midlife Mindset Unleashed

So, you survived the holiday frenzy, but why stop there? Forget the typical "New Year, New You" nonsense. Instead, let's talk about a midlife mindset overhaul. It's not about trying to fit into society's expectations; it's about giving a collective middle finger to the status quo.


Dumping Baggage: Clearing Out Limiting Beliefs

We all carry baggage—those pesky limiting beliefs that have been holding us back. It's time to toss them aside like a bad habit. This isn't about adding more pressure; we would love to inspire you to declutter your mind. How can we find calm and focus in all the  midst of chaos?


Midlife Wellness and Self-Care Extravaganza

Picture this: a life where wellness isn't a chore, and self-care isn't a luxury. That's the midlife wellness revolution we're championing. It's not about fitting into a specific mold; it's about finding what makes your soul dance and prioritizing it. Whether it's yoga, painting, or devouring a tub of ice cream guilt-free, make it a ritual. Of course, when you take your gummies - there is no better ritual!


Micropauses: Your Mental Health Oasis

Midlife, perimenopause, adulting big time - it never stops spinning. Taking a Micropause is the ultimate act of rebellion. These short breaks from the chaos aren't just a luxury; they're a necessity for mental health. It's about hitting pause, taking a breath, and allowing yourself to reset. Trust us; your sanity will thank you later.


Putting It All Together: Unapologetic Midlife Liberation

So, here's the game plan: ditch the resolutions, chuck those limiting beliefs, prioritize midlife wellness, and sprinkle in some Micropause and micropauses for good measure.

We are here to encourage you to live unapologetically. This year, let's not just exist—let's thrive in the chaos of midlife, find joy in the messy moments, and revel in the beauty of a midlife mindset that's truly our own.

Cheers to flipping the script and embracing the Micropause midlife revolution.


Here are our 2024 OUTS - what we are letting go of to make space for all the above!

Multi-tasking to please everyone Focus on pleasing yourself – it's a more exclusive party.

Inner Critic Monologues Because our minds are not a stand-up comedy stage for self-doubt.

Guilt trips for taking "Me" time Because the world can survive without us for a bit.

Giving any f#%ks about what other people think of me, my choices and my life.
Comparison Olympics Our race is against negativity, not each other.

Anti-aging language and potions that promise to turn back time, we're too busy moving forward.

Erasing all laugh lines Embrace them, they're your life's playlist.

Saying “it’s too late” and Expiration Date Excuses Because dreams don't go bad.

Apologizing for being fabulous Bold confidence is our middle name.

Waiting for someone to save us We're our own damn SHEroes.

FOMO (Fear Of Midlife Onset) Replace it with JOMO (Joy Of Midlife's Adventure)

Self-Deprecation We're too busy celebrating our wins.


What are you letting go of this year?