Sorry Not Sorry

Sorry Not Sorry
I’m deep in mid-life and I've started to notice that the "give zero fucks" era is not just a catchy phrase but rather...a state of being. It's like suddenly I’ve been given a superpower, and that superpower is the ability to stop caring about, well…anything. Talk about a time of personal growth, this one comes with a learning every teen girl should start employing now – stop apologizing for everything. What a magic elixir of wisdom and confidence being in our 50s is. We've finally graduated from the School of What The Fuck Is Shit. And we've got the diploma to prove it.

We've also got a fire in our bellies that can't be extinguished. It's the fire of knowing our worth, of speaking up for ourselves, and of demanding the respect we deserve. We're not going to settle for less, and we're not going to apologize for it.

So if you want to mess with us, you better come correct.

One of the most amazing things about mid-life is that we finally have the wisdom to recognize and avoid toxic people. We've mastered the art of saying "no" and cutting out who and what does not serve us. We're not here for the drama, and we're not going to apologize for it. We finally stop giving a damn about what people think. We're free to speak our minds, to be our authentic selves, and to follow our passions without fear of judgment. We're not trying to impress anyone or win any popularity contests. We're just living our lives on our terms, and that's incredibly empowering.

And let's not forget the joy of mid-life friendships. As we get older, we realize that the people who truly matter are the ones who've been there through thick and thin. We don't need a massive social circle to feel fulfilled; we just need a handful of good friends who make us laugh, who support us, and who understand us on a deep level. In mid-life, we have a newfound appreciation for genuine connections, and that's priceless.

Mid-life is the "give zero fucks" era that we all deserve. That we've earned. We're not trying to impress anyone or fit into anyone's mold. We're living our lives on our terms. And that, my friends, is the ultimate freedom. We're not here to play small, and we're definitely not here to apologize for being fabulous.