Retreat - New Frontiers In Wellness

Micropause Press
We are thrilled to be a part of this important article in RETREAT, by Lydia Mcclendon in their SCIENCE & HEALTH section. We encourage you to dive in. It's a fantastic read about "Sex On Mushrooms." The article shares about the use of psychedelics for deeper connections, better sexual connections, and highlights brands working beyond the sexual healing space with plant-powered products for overall wellness. This is where Micropause comes in! 


"As the world of wellness continues to evolve, a new breed of brands is emerging, catering to women seeking holistic and natural solutions. These brands are combining the power of adaptogens, psychedelics, and wellness to offer a unique blend of self-care and self-discovery."



Micropause is an innovative new adaptogenic product for the pre- and menopausal crowd. Their products bridge the gap between functional medicine and wellness, with a side of powerful plant magic to make menopause manageable again. Whether that's for furthering self-pleasure or reigniting with your partner again, going through the motions of life doesn't have to be miserable when you have plant power on your side.



Blue Lotus Flower is an ancient traditional medicine making its way back into the main stream thanks in part to brands like Good Psyche. Empowering you to get back to your pleasure & purpose, Blue Lotus can be a useful tool for deepening connections. 



Psychedelic Water recently launched a new product, and with it a renewed interest in portable products you can use anywhere. They offer easy to dose herbal supplements that offer better mood, more relaxation, and better vibes. Boosting your mood can have a direct impact on your sexual wellbeing, with more openness, better comort and a deeper sense of self.




KA! Empathogenics has burst onto the functional wellness scene with both beautiful marketing and a fantastic product. KA! offers a non-psychedelic product that has people buzzing over its uplifiting and enlightening effects. KA! has been highlighting the connection between their product and pleasure, showing how Kanna can help deepen our understanding of ourselves with a little plant magic.