EVENT: The Swell's Comprehensive HRT Workshop with Dr. Mary Claire Haver & Dr. Avrum Bluming for a

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Upcoming Event in Los Angeles - Truly not to be missed. 

HRT 101 WHAT, WHY, WHEN & HOW with Dr. Mary Claire Haver & special guest Dr. Avrum Bluming

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Navigating the confusing maze of questions surrounding Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) 

MAY 18, 2024  1 PM - 4 PM PST - BEVERLY HILLS, CA 

Join The Swell, leading menopause and women's health expert, Dr. Mary Claire Haver, Dr. Avrum Bluming, medical oncologist and coauthor of the groundbreaking, “Estrogen Matters,” and a badass community of women for an in-depth exploration of the latest science, advice, treatments and wisdom on all things HRT.
Whether you're curious about the basics of hormones, exploring HRT as an option, confused about when and how to start HRT, or seeking clarity on alternative therapies or health concerns, this workshop promises to be a lively and highly informative discussion. Led by Dr. Mary Claire Haver along with special guest, Dr. Avrum Bluming, our workshop aims to deepen your understanding, address your most pressing questions, empower you with knowledge, debunk myths, and foster a supportive community of women navigating similar questions, confusion and treatment options.
Topics will range from: The Basics of Hormones, Common Hormonal Issues, The Purpose of HRT, Different Types of Hormones Used in Therapy, Exploring Common Questions & Concerns, Latest Studies and Benefits of HRT, Alternative Therapies, How to Find a Qualified Healthcare Provider, Starting HRT, Timing and Duration, Forms & Dosages, Lifestyle Considerations, Considerations for Cancer Survivors and more.


Expand your understanding of (peri)menopause and HRT with advanced insights and actionable steps to help optimize your health during this transformative phase.


Gain empowering insights from leading menopausal experts, helping you navigate your journey confidently and make informed health decisions.


Understand the changes happening in your body during (peri)menopause, coupled with expert guidance on mitigating and treating symptoms.


Connect with like-minded souls collectively navigating the challenges of hormonal transitions. Share stories, insights, and resources.


Don't miss out on this special opportunity for insight, camaraderie, and a deeper understanding of your health journey. We can't wait to see you!