Midlife Micropause With Megan Miller

Megan Miller

Today's Midlife Micropasue features Megan Miller. Megan is a TEDx & Global Speaker, Founder: The Intentional Living Method, International Bestselling Author, and the Host of Apple’s Top-Rated Podcast, Attention to Intention.


Through the Intentional Living Method, which she founded in 2021 with a 98% approval rating, Megan has inspired thousands to live a life built on connection, community and real-life conversations, mask down & human first, while achieving their personal and professional goals. 


She is on a mission to deliver the words that she needed for so long in her own journey. Exhaustion is not a status symbol & striving does not need to come from a place of validation. Megan shares science backed microtools to guide audiences on how to reconnect to the person that can get lost in the busyness of life: you.  




How do you Micropause


In midlife, establishing daily wellness rituals can contribute significantly to well-being. Can you share a personal daily ritual or self-care practice that has had a positive impact on your overall wellness during perimenopause or menopause?


First and foremost: you know I’m poppin my Micropause gummies in the morning. All honesty, I’ve become very intentional on creating space to move my mind (with free writing and setting an intention for the day), adding a moment of spiritual prayer, and moving my body for a minimum of 20 minutes. And let me tell ya what, that sh*t keeps my anxiety in check.


Embracing Change



Midlife often brings significant changes. How have you embraced and navigated the transformations that came with perimenopause and menopause, and what valuable lessons have you learned along the way?


I LOVE this question because we all hate change. Hell, we’ll fight & claw & do sh*t we know we shouldn’t do because it’s comfortable (pointing a finger right to my younger self & you & I both know which one it is). One of the best gifts we can give ourselves as the waves of life come our way is to ask ourselves: what is this teaching me & to find the lesson in it. I’ve found when we can find the lesson, the waves of life don’t crash that hard & for as long.


Rediscovering Passion


Many people find a renewed sense of passion and purpose in midlife. Can you share a specific experience where you rediscovered a passion or pursued a new interest during this stage of life?


What draws me to this question is the word: passion. Our Amazon world (love you Jeff Bezos) has us feeling like it’s like something we can pick off the shelf & be delivered to our doorstep in 48 hours. Let’s reframe that, shall we? To me: passion is what gives you energy and being aware of it. At this phase in my life, what gives me energy is true human conversations (screens down, vulnerable, human: no bullsh*t or judging or trying to impress you: just being real & human). Here’s to the prize for aging: wisdom.