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We are thrilled to have made the cut in ADD TO CART 🛒 by The Quality Edit, our favorite digital go-to for all things quality!


When a midlife menopause product makes the “Best Products To Buy This March” list - it's a win for all of us!


We love that we share company with quality brand crushes in this piece. Every single one is truly an Add To Cart. Taking a major micro pause to swoon over the words of @writinginblackandwhite.



Add To Cart

“While menopause is a four letter word, there are ways to circumvent symptoms — This year, I added Micropause’s So Mush Support to my arsenal. Packed with adaptogenic and nootropic shrooms (Maitake, shiitake, lion’s mane, reishi, cordyceps, chaga, turkey tail, white button, black fungus and royal sun), that studies reveal — and my experience has shown — helps boost cognition, focus, energy, gut health and immunity. And the raspberry gummy is delicious; no one in menopause needs yet another pill or patch.” – Christine Morrison”



The Quality Edit Add To Cart