Found LA

Found LA

Emily Wagner, the driving force behind Micropause, was recently spotlighted in FOUND LA, a Substack curated by the luminaries of Curbed and Eater, reported on by Zoe Schaeffer. Being recognized in this super cool publication is a testament to Emily's innovative approach to wellness and her dedication to transforming daily routines into rituals of rejuvenation, revitalization and focus. Take a peek into her world, where the balance between entrepreneurship, self-care, and exploration converge seamlessly.



EMILY WAGNER • founder/CEO • Micropause
Neighborhood you live in: Picfair Village


It’s Thursday morning. What’s the scene at your workplace? 
My office is a built-in extension of my kitchen, where I stand on my FluidStance balance board hacking away on my computer, doing the early morning ‘get centered and create focus’ task-priority-organization tango. The scene: Post-its, design mood boards, product ideations, color samples, etc. The door to my backyard is flung open, which means I have a steady view of sunlight, grass, and Lolo, my sunbathing rescue chihuahua. 


What’s on the agenda for today? 

As a young start-up, having launched in spring 2023, the daily business agenda is a never-ending to-do list. This works perfectly with my sensibilities as ‘never-ending to-do list’ is my love language. Currently, we're in the trenches, prepping to launch our new beauty gummy: "All Glown Up.” This is why I prioritize scheduling micropauses — short, intentional moments designed to reset, recalibrate, reduce stress and enhance cognitive function. They’re truly the unsung heroes of daily wellness. I’ll take a quick non-distracted walk which supports and strengthens attention and cognitive processing. I do a 3x a day writing exercise in my Project 369 journal. Lately, I’ve been loving the Lumenate app, designed to elevate your consciousness by turning your phone’s flashlight into a brain-rhythm-altering psychedelic meditation device. Fun fact: Saltburn’s mum, Rosamund Pike, is the app’s creative director. 


Any restaurant plans today, tonight, this weekend?

I learned to love sandwiches at my local organic sandwich shop Rosemary and Thyme. I rotate between The Stanley Turkey and The Fairfax Open Face Tuna. The Black Forest Bakery sourdough is perfectly crisped with a pepperoncini here, a Calabrian chili there, and lemon zest everywhere. My ongoing list of places to conquer is stashed in my Instagram saves folder, a neverending collection that I've shamelessly compiled from food influencers: Layla Bagels, Barra Santos, Old Ferry DonutsPetramale Pizza (yes, it's in a church parking lot — divine intervention in the form of pizza), Loreto, Motto Tea Café, Saltie Girl, Saffy’s and Levain Bakery, to name just a few.



How about a little leisure or culture?

The leisure activities that excite me the most are usually experiential wellness or biohacking related. I gravitate toward exploring anything that’ll elevate or enhance some aspect of my mental, emotional and physical well-being. Reality Center in Santa Monica is one of these places; Chromasonic is the most gorgeous sound/chroma healing experience. A day at Quantum Clinic is my kind of spa day where deep frequency therapy, scalar energy work and flotation tank therapy are on the docket. I love Pause Studio on Sycamore and even bought my teenager a flotation therapy series. The first time she fell into such a deep sleep, she didn't even wake up to the throbbing whirl of cleaning jets and emptied tub that signal the session’s over. Clearly, there's a recurring theme here: anything that involves the fine art of lying down. Because why stand when you elevate horizontally?



Any weekend getaways? 

A few times a year I head to my friends' adorable Airbnb in Joshua Tree for a workcation. I basically do the exact same thing there that I do here on a workday, only add desert walks, dips in the stock tank pool, outdoor movie nights projected onto the casita and nightly hammock stargazing marathons. Plus, it's dog-friendly, and my Lolo deserves a break too. And it’s a short walk to Joshua Tree Coffee. Perfection.



What was your last great vacation? 


There’s nothing like the reset I get from a spontaneous mini local vacay. You know, the kind with zero time to overthink, where 48 hours adds five years to your life. I loved my spur-of-the-moment midweek girls' trip to the Sparrows Lodge in Palm Springs. I absolutely adored this spot — private, boutique, not touristy, and the décor is a masterclass in upleveled rustic-cabin-artsy-eclectic chic.