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The Triple Threat

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Redefine your daily midlife wellness ritual with The Triple Threat. This isn't just a bundle; it's your commitment to a holistic journey to midlife wellness. This collection of our three powerhouse formulas embodies well-rounded nourishment. Meticulously crafted, this collection spans superfoods, functional mushrooms, bio-actives, adaptogens and antioxidants.

This trio is designed to optimize your vitality, harmonize your body's response to stress, enhance focus, reduce brain fog, hot flashes, night sweats, and boost your radiance from within. Unleash the synergistic power of The Triple Threat. Discover a smarter, more effective, and delicious approach to cultivating balance, bliss and beauty during your transformative years.

Includes: So Mush Support, Girls Gone Mild and All Glown Up

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